We are excited to welcome a dynamic, innovative, and committed group of educators from 70 global Universities this June!

PAYMENT Please pay HERE by May 1st.

PRE-WORK Make sure you come ready with your pre-work in hand on Day 1. As a reminder, this is your Workview, Worldview, and three visions for your Institution. 

FOOD We will provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks every day. On the first night, we will also have a welcome dinner, and on the final day, a lunch celebration. Make sure you fill out any dietary restrictions by May 15th EOD. No need to fill out if you don't have restrictions. 

ACCOMMODATIONS You can fly in and out when you choose so long as you are with us at 8:30am on the first day and until 2pm on the 4th, final day. If you must leave early, that is fine, but not preferred.

  • Local Lodging + Hotel Options

  • Airbnb

  • Stanford Guest House: you can make reservations at the Guest House with the Group Code LDS19 by calling the Guest House Front Desk 650-926-2800 or by booking online here (https://ussg.webhotel.microsdc.us/). The rooms are booked to the max the night prior to workshop, but available both first day of our workshops.

AGENDA We will be together for 3.5 days from 9:00am - 5pm, except for the first evening when we will stay until 7pm for the Welcome Reception and the final day when we will finish at 2:00pm. Breakfast will be available each day starting at 8:30, instruction will start promptly at 9:00. Below is a high level overview of how the days will go, but know we are designers and we might iterate this agenda.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 9.32.45 AM.png

WHAT DO I NEED?! Comfy clothes and an open mind. Additionally, an attendee requests accommodations because exposure to products that contain synthetic fragrances makes her sick. Synthetically produced fragrances (labeled ‘perfume’ or ‘fragrance’ in the ingredients) are pervasive in body and laundry products. Please avoid your use of such products on your clothes and body as much as possible during the Life Design Studio.

BOOKS Can I buy them for my students or staff? Yes! Through amazon is best. We sadly do not have any bulk deals

From Tresidder Visitor Parking to Bldg 550


Thomas F. Peterson Engineering Laboratory | The Grove | 550 Panama Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

We will meet each morning in the Grove in Building 550 (home of the ME Design Group and the d.school.) To get to Room 200, enter the building, come to the big, open center area where the red stairs are. Go up the red stairs and use the last two doors all the way to your right.

If you find yourself lost, you can use this searchable campus map. Use any of the following search terms: Bldg. 550, Peterson Laboratory, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, or d.school. You can get to campus by via public transit (The Stanford Marguerite Shuttle | Caltrain | Bay Area Transit). From San Francisco or San Jose, Caltrain is your most convenient option. Driving also works. Find out where visitor parking is located

MAPS Stanford Parking Map | Stanford Searchable Map | Stanford Self-Guided Tour Map

MINDSETS The first two days, plan to immerse as a learner. You will experience life design curriculum first hand as a student in any of our classes would. We ask that for these first two days you come with a beginner's mindset and a generative curiosity. On days three and four, we will switch to design mode. On these days you will use the mindsets of bias towards action and building to think in order to envision, prototype, and tell the story of what life design at your University could look and feel like. 

TAKEAWAYS In additional to all the activities and artifacts you will use and create during the Studio, you will leave with a handbook on life design, access to all the modules that we teach, their learning objectives, and why we teach them. With that will come links to slides and example lesson plans of our content. This will be for reference as you digest your experience here and continue to build your version of life design when you return home. 

COMMUNITY Last but not least, this is the inaugural group of studio life designers. You are one another's best resources, co-conspirators and collaborators. Please feel free to communicate with one another, share resources and inspiration, and keep in touch before, during and after the studio in this facebook group. We've posted fun things to eat and do around Stanford here as well. Finally, we will be using the hashtag #lifedesignstudio throughout the event. 

Have an emergency? Are totally lost? Call Krystal, our logistics wizard, at 757 560 1138.